Hilltop is waiting for the harvest with an exceptionally good harvest and more presses

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 08. 12. 11:22
The Hilltop wine estate in Neszmély expects one of the best quality crops of the last decade this year. According to the Hungarian winery, the seemingly hectic weather of this year is especially favorable for their white grape varieties, the quality of the crop and their investments up to harvest raise their wines sold at home and on the British market towards premium quality.

In August, thoughts are usually tied to three main themes: enjoying the last moments of summer, the upcoming school start, and the upcoming harvest. This year’s weather, mild winter, and cooling following the warm weather arriving early didn’t do much good for many fruits. However, not all plants are disturbed by the significant temperature fluctuations of recent months, there are places where they are especially happy about it.

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