It has been revealed which companies will be targeted by NAV inspections in 2024

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 11:50

NAV’s 2024 audit plan already clearly shows which areas the central tax authority will focus on during its tax audits this year. Special attention is given to companies employing a large number of employees, the investigation of employment-related areas and transfer pricing, as well as the investigation of private individuals’ income from abroad. The tax authority will pay special attention to companies that minimize taxes, those that earn income from cryptocurrency, traders of computer technology products, traders of the construction industry and building materials, and internet content providers.

In recent years, the digitization and technical development of the domestic tax authority has also contributed to the increase in tax revenues. Part of this process is the use of advanced technological tools during tax audits and selection for audit (e.g. artificial intelligence). In addition, the tax authority has developed a lot from an organizational point of view, as they have successfully started on the path towards a service-type authority.

“Thanks to the development and decisive actions of the NAV, the tax gap has been reduced to a large extent, which means that the tax amounts that have been hidden until now will become visible to the tax authorities, and they will be collected more efficiently thanks to their quick and effective interventions”

– highlighted Dr. Séra Gergely, partner in the Tax Litigation area of EY.

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