K&H: the increase in prices is also clearly visible in children’s shopping baskets

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 15. 09:40

In recent months, the younger age group experienced for themselves what inflation means: in October this year, 12 cocoa snails could be bought with a pocket money of 3,000 HUF, and 19 a year earlier.

Everything is more expensive now

And when it comes to hamburgers, the money is enough for just over 2 sandwiches this year, compared to 3 a year ago. The products included in the children’s inflation basket compiled by K&H – in addition to cocoa snails, fruit yogurt, hamburgers, orange juice, backpacks and eyeglass frames – cost a total of almost HUF 36,000 this year, which corresponds to a 21 percent annual price increase.

Inflation continued to accelerate in Hungary, with an annual rate of 21.1 percent in October, compared to 20.2 percent in September, which was already a decade-long record. The price increase is largely due to the 40 percent increase in the price of food. High inflation affects almost everyone, including children. From among the products in the official inflation basket, K&H has selected several products that are related to children. And K&H put together the children’s “shopping basket” based on the official data. It contained fruit yogurt, the cocoa snail, the hamburger, orange juice, the backpack and the glasses frame, as well as a portion of school lunch.

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