The number of export-able SMEs is less than stated earlier in the statistics

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 09. 10. 11:30

The number of truly export-able small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is less than it is stated in the official statistics. The embargo against Russia rather indirectly affect the businesses in this category – was said at the press conference of the Export Kooperáció on Tuesday in Budapest.


According to official statistics, those SMEs are considered as export capable that has been in operation for some years and the revenue of the SME is several hundreds of millions. About four thousand such SMEs can be found in Hungary, but the number of SMEs truly capable of exporting is less, because in addition to the above indicators a proper management is also needed as well – Gyulácz Németh Iván, Managing Director of the M27 financial advisor firm said. (MTI)

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