Favourable domestic trends for wine

By: trademagazin Date: 2006. 11. 20. 08:00

The year 2004/2005 does not count among the best years of wine production in Hungary. The purchase price of wine dropped by 25% due to overproduction, export fell by 180 hectoliters. The situation was aggravated by the amount of uncontrolled wine and the introduction of EU intervention measures. The estimated wine production for the year 2006/ 2007 was 3.5 million hectoliters (0.5 million hectoliters higher than a year earlier), and although this estimate dropped during the harvest, the long and warm fall contributed to a good quality crop. The export of Hungarian wines, with the exception of champaign, has a declining tendency. Foreign trade competition is intense, export is continuously declining. The amount of import is not disturbing the domestic market, its structure, however, has altered: the number of bottled end-products is in continuous growth. The Hungarian annual wine consumption per capita amounts to 32-34 liters, and is sensitive to economic factors. The change in wine-consuming habits has a positive impact on sales. The value of the wine market has increased, while its quantity has decreased.

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