Christmas in a bottle: Have you tasted the new limited edition Coca-Cola Zero Cinnamon?

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 11. 13. 11:22
In addition to the difficulties and challenges, this winter will be strange, in many ways. To mention just a small, but so far indispensable detail that seems essential for the festive preparation: the scent of gingerbread, chimney cake, apple strudel and mulled wine swinging around the Christmas fairs. Unfortunately, we will have to give up on these in the coming weeks and months, unless we make or order them for ourselves. But the most important spice of these Christmas delicacies, cinnamon is sure to be with us this year as well: Coca-Cola Zero will be on the shelves this year with a special cinnamon flavor and will bring everyone to a festive mood!

There will be a lot more going on during the 2020 Advent weeks. In order to remain optimistic, it is important to notice the good things around us. For example, we also have the advantage of being forced to stay home in the evenings: this gives us even more opportunities to get in a festive mood and pay attention to the things that really matter, even with the decorations, movies and music we love around us. And of course with our favorite flavors, which would be different in the winter months than the warming, pampering cinnamon!

The first part of this year’s Coca-Cola Christmas campaign is the festive Coca-Cola Zero Cinnamon, but the introduction of the new product is only small – but very delicious! – is part of the Christmas elements expected in the coming weeks, with which the soft drink brand will also make Advent preparation more intimate and beautiful.

The new Coca-Cola Zero Cinnamon is now available nationwide in major supermarkets and grocery stores, in half-liter and 1.75l PET bottle packaging, in a limited edition. Hurry, you can only taste the sugar-free delicacy, which also contains cinnamon extract, until the end of the winter months!

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