Cocoa and sugar price increases: what can we expect in stores before Easter?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 12:40
In recent months, the price of cocoa and sugar on the international markets has risen significantly, the main reason for which is the problems occurring in the production areas, say experts.
But to what extent will we, the consumers, feel this increase in prices, and to what extent can we expect a price increase in stores due to the international situation? As Easter approaches, the development of the price of chocolate is a particularly sensitive topic, as it is an essential accessory of the holiday. Despite the continuously shrinking inflation, this year’s price increase in chocolate dumping is expected to be less marked than last year, but we can still expect surprises in the shops. Price changes perceived by consumers are influenced by several factors, including the development of the raw material market and changes in production processes. “When the prices on the raw materials market start to rise, we can expect that sooner or later this will appear in retail as well. It can best be compared to when the price of oil increases on the world market or the dollar strengthens. Then we can expect that a in two weeks, MOL will raise the price of diesel and gasoline at home. The manufacturer thinks that it will need the raw material for a long time, so it enters into contracts with its suppliers that the price of the raw material, in this case cocoa, will be purchased at a specific exchange rate – but if the price rises permanently on the world market, then we can expect that we will also get more expensive finished products in the shops, albeit with a time delay” – said Gábor Bukta, Concorde’s analyst, when asked by Pénzcentrum.

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