And by the first of July, honey-sweet domestic watermelons will be available in all Hungarian retail chains

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 17. 11:00

Although in small quantities, Hungarian melons are already available in markets and greengrocers, and honey-sweet Hungarian watermelons will be available in all domestic chain stores by the first of July – revealed the National Chamber of Agrárgazdasági (NAK), the Association of Hungarian Melon Growers (MDE) and FruitVeB at the joint press conference of the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Association. The expansion of the production area continued this year, which makes it possible to harvest a larger quantity. Advances in variety selection and production technology in recent years guarantee excellent quality.

This year, the domestic melon season started earlier than usual, and the product from the foil tent production appeared in the markets and at some greengrocers already in mid-June. At the same time, the currently available stock is still small, as only 3-4 percent of the domestic watermelon cultivation takes place under foil tents. The harvest will soon begin in the open field, so deliveries to the supermarket chains will start on June 25. According to producers’ forecasts, Hungarian watermelons will be available in all chain stores in Hungary from the first of July.

The weather was favorable for melon cultivation this year, there was enough sunshine and rainfall. In domestic melon cultivation, significant progress has been made in recent years in terms of variety selection and production technology. The place of outdated, constant melon varieties is increasingly being replaced by grafted and hybrid melons that are more resistant to diseases and offer greater crop security and better quality. Thus, the use of varieties in Hungary is increasingly catching up with international trends, and the beginning of the season can be brought forward by cultivation under foil. As a result of the change in technology, the efficiency of melon cultivation has improved significantly. Although we produce melons in an area half as large as in the last decade, the quantity produced has hardly decreased, as yield averages and yield reliability have increased significantly. Despite the change in variety, the usual delicious taste has remained, and the quality has even improved.

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