The Tisza Fish Festival in Szeged

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 08. 29. 11:15

More than two hundred tons of fish will be offered and several thousands of people will be hosted during the next weekend at the International Tisza Fish Festival in Szeged, that will last for three days from Friday to Sunday. On Saturday, fish stew will be prepared in hundreds of cauldrons


Frank Sándor Venesz-winning chef, the idea owner of the festival at the Thursday press conference of the program said that the event will move to the Széchenyi square, because they can not take possession of the wharf due to reconstruction of the flood protection system. Thus, the Street of Fish will mov to the heart of the city. The two 1500-liter cauldrons will be set up there, where the Szeged fish soup will be prepared.
The music will be provided by artists such as Király Viktor, Radics Gigi, Útközben, and gypsy bands. (MTI)

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