USDA approves ‘cell-cultivated chicken’ label

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 07. 03. 09:41

Chicken grown from cells in bioreactors produced by Upside Foods and Eat Just will be labeled “cell-cultivated chicken” when it is sold and served to the public. The USDA approved both companies’ labels earlier this month.

These are the first labels that have been approved for the nascent segment by the USDA. The approval means the department, which is responsible for approving all labels of non-seafood cultivated meat products, feels these companies have demonstrated full compliance with pre-market labeling requirements, Upside Foods said.

This approval brings Upside Foods and Eat Just a step closer to being able to sell and serve cultivated chicken in the United States. Upside Foods’ chicken received a green light from FDA last year, and Eat Just received FDA approval in March. Both companies still need to get grants of inspection from USDA at their manufacturing facilities to get complete approval in the U.S.


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