It’s coming! Hungarian melons are coming to Tesco

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 30. 12:29

Hungarians’ favorite summer fruit will soon be in stores. Tesco is preparing for the summer with 4,500 tons of Hungarian melons. In the first week of July, Greek watermelons with seeds, and from the second week, seedless, yellow-fleshed and mini domestically produced watermelons will be available nationwide in Tesco stores and on the online interface of the supermarket chain.

On average, we consume 10 kg of watermelon per person during the season, even more if the summer is hot. We still eat less watermelon (1.5-2 kg), but more and more people like this variety. Traditional watermelons with seeds are the most popular among customers, but opinions are already divided on the ideal size: according to the National Chamber of Agriculture, giant melons are becoming more and more crowded out, and more and more people are looking for 4-6 kilo or smaller melons.

Tesco is preparing for the season with 4,500 tons of domestic melons, and from mid-July only Hungarian melons will be available in its stores. First, the seeded Greek, then the seedless, mini and yellow-fleshed ones arrive on the shelves from Hungarian producers. In order to satisfy all needs, in addition to seeded, seedless, red and yellow melons, Tesco is also preparing baby melons for the season. In addition to Hungarian customers, Czech and Slovak Tesco customers can also enjoy the delicacy of Hungarian melons, as the supermarket chain exports 4,500 tons of domestic watermelons to its Czech and Slovak stores.

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