Jelly Belly Beers and Cocktails – Picture of the Day

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 05. 17. 08:20

The world’s most exciting interactive game is Jelly Bean Tasting. They make them in a million different flavors, even like Harry Potter’s all-flavored dragees.

Jelly Belly also became a specialty among candies when the draft beer flavor was introduced, but it was even more interesting that it was recommended to make beer cocktails out of them by varying it with other flavored candies: 2 beer + 1 peach = beer sangria, 2 beer + 1 red apple = beer cider , 2 beer + 1 lime + 1 Tabasco = Michelada..
By the way, manufacturers also offer (non-alcoholic) bean-shaped sweets in classic cocktail flavors, often packaged together.

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