István Jakab: Hungary has the right to protect the health of the Hungarian people

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 15. 10:15

Hungary has the right to protect the health of the Hungarian people – stressed István Jakab, the president of the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Associations and Farmers’ Cooperatives (Magosz) on Monday on the current channel M1, after the government in the five-point package of agricultural measures imposed a full notification obligation for products subject to import bans from Ukraine.

He emphasized that the registration applies not only to buyers, but also to transporters in order to fully track the goods. István Jakab explained that there is a problem not only with products originating directly from Ukraine, but also with the fact that Ukrainian products sent to other member states are gradually flooding the Hungarian market as well. He recalled that Hungary unilaterally announced import restrictions on 23 Ukrainian products, contrary to the decision of the European Union, according to which Ukrainian goods can enter the Union market duty-free. István Jakab pointed out that agricultural producers in Ukraine do not have to meet any conditions, and other pollution caused by the war also burdens their food. The president of Magosz said that there is a war economy in Ukraine, there is a lot of corruption, and the profits of production are not pocketed by the Europeans, but by the Americans and the large international investors they support. Regarding the fact that the government will provide an additional HUF 45 billion to agricultural producers by 2026 for the Agrár Széchenyi Card, István Jakab explained that significant improvements in agriculture are necessary for international competitiveness and quality production.

The president of Magosz indicated that the Hungarian State Treasury will pay the area- and animal-based subsidies until May 31

The acceleration of the process started last week, a HUF 50 billion package has already been paid, and another HUF 300 billion will reach farmers by the end of May. According to István Jakab, it is a significant competitive advantage for Hungarian farmers that the government has increased the refundable part of the annual tax paid on used diesel to 90 percent, this will bring another HUF one billion in annual additional support to the sector, and he pointed out that German farmers protested because their government he took that opportunity away from them. MTI

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