An insulated hall was created at the premises of Állatház Kft. in Alsótold

By: STA Date: 2024. 01. 28. 20:18

An isolation hall was set up at the site of Állatház Kft., which deals with the testing of animal medicines, in Alsótold, Nógrád County; for the investment with a total budget of almost 300 million forints, the company won a non-refundable grant of 209 million forints in the Plusz tender of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program (Ginop), the company told MTI on Friday.


At the site of Állatház Kft., a clean room with a floor area of 300 square meters was built with a complex air handling system connected to it and the installation of insulators located in the hall. They explained: the installation of the hall frame and the ventilation system using a modern air technology solution provide an opportunity to carry out pharmaceutical manufacturing development tasks with a high level of hygiene. Isolators provide the opportunity to carry out tests and examinations with the complete exclusion of pathogens.

Thanks to the investment, the company will be able to keep 14 jobs and create two more, they added. Ltd. its net sales revenue in 2022 was HUF 298 million 252 thousand, in 2021 HUF 355 million 880 thousand, while its profit after tax was HUF 27 million 286 thousand in 2022, and HUF 33 million 337 thousand in the previous year.

The activity of Állatház Kft. covers the observation and treatment of pets and farm animals within the framework of vaccine efficacy and harmlessness experiments; in connection with the production of pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical preparations as a quality assurance element in the development of veterinary medicines for their testing. The company was founded in 2011, accredited by the National Food Chain Safety Office, and started operating in March 2016. Rabbits, pigs, lambs and poultry are observed in the animal house, and experiments are carried out according to the testing needs of the customers, according to the pathogen included in the test. According to the company’s website, they provide husbandry technology equipment for rabbits, broiler chickens, hens, pigs and sheep determined by the species, breed, utilization direction and age of the animals included in the experiment.


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