Well-known origin, naturally pure, harmonious taste, balanced texture, refreshing – these are the criteria of good mineral water

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 04. 09. 11:21
Often, the most basic and important things get the least attention. Even if it is needed for our well-being, mood, creation and preservation of our inner harmony… This is how the water we drink can be. Yet water is nothing but the best natural remedy, as it is the only drink we need all the time and makes up 70% of our body. Clearly, it matters how and how much of it we bring into our organization. At the request of Naturaqua, sommelier Fabók Mihály will help with these, who will also give advice on how to taste water and what kind of water is suitable for it.

According to Fabók Mihály, a sommelier who specializes in waters in addition to wines, if we taste a glass of bottled mineral water, we can expect it to be colorless and odorless, but we can definitely expect a taste experience. In the case of mineral water, a chlorine or metallic odor is very rare, a side odor usually occurs if left to stand for too long at the expiration date and / or stored in a sunny place.

Taking a concrete example, he says the carbonated version of Naturaqua is particularly well-suited to stews, even game dishes, as the carbonation of the water better accentuates the mineral notes, so it definitely accompanies heavier foods like this and almost makes them lighter. While the sommelier recommends bubble free water for wine tasting, preferably softer waters with a low to medium mineral content, taking care not to affect the original taste and character of the wines. Carbonated mineral water from Naturaqua may also meet these conditions.

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