Barbeque lovers are more willing to buy less than to buy lower quality products

By: trademagazin Date: 2011. 07. 06. 21:43

Grill product sales started to decline already in 2009 but the really bad period commenced in 2010. Zoltán Szántó, Pick Szeged Zrt.’s product manager shed light on the fact that volume sales fell by 40 percent from 2008 and the decline was 30.5 percent in value, adding that sales decreased in all retail channels. Why? Because grill parties have become a luxury for many families and last summer was the rainiest in the last 150 years. Zsolt Kazai, Landhof Hungária Kft.’s managing director added that substitute products were gaining ground. However, it would be too early to bury grill products. When economic recession loosens its grip on people they will start buying these tasty and easy-to-make products again. Despite that the market contracted, Nielsen registered an increase in average prices and stronger manufacturer brands. Since barbeques are social events, those who buy the products pay great attention to treat guests to quality products (which they can afford when they are in promotion) and not to no name or PL products of doubtful quality. Jens Hillebrand, the director of Wiesbauer-Dunahús Kft. told Trade magazin that packaging units became smaller because of the recession, but Wiesbauer-Dunahús sticks with 300g units with 7 grill products. The director is of the opinion that grilling is about variety, which demand they serve perfectly with their products. Anikó Vasvári, Kométa ’99 Zrt.’s marketing assistant told that from their grill products traditional flavours were the most sought for; this year their grill sausages will be available in 240g version in Four-spice and Cheese-garlic version. Pre-marinated meats were added to the Kométa Fine Grills portfolio this year, together with a large tray of mixed meats in special Hungarian flavours. Pick Szeged kept the grill product assortment they established last year: half of it are vacuum-packaged 220g grillers and Délhús Griller Mix, while the other half are 160g PICK grill sausages in sheep casing plus the Grill Sausage Mix. PICK Grill products have a 60-day shelf life and appear in shops in unique offering cardboard boxes at last year’s prices. Landhof Hungária came out with two new products this season, Käsekrainer cheese grill sausage and a white grill sausage called Grill spiral. Wiesbauer-Dunahús will introduce a new-flavour grill product to the Hungarian market next year. This year their Wiener Würstel 2x200g wieners, Jausenwurst (500g) and Kesselwurst (300g) appeared in stores and soon Gourmet Schinken will be available as well.

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