The majority of Hungarian companies were IT unprepared for the pandemic situation

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 06. 22. 11:12
Nearly two-thirds of the companies were unprepared to set up security requirements when the coronavirus outbreak broke out, according to a recent domestic survey by Panda Security for 30 years. In addition to IT developments, most businesses have improved cybersecurity through employee training. Decision makers will take further steps in the future to strengthen IT security.

The IT security experiences of Hungarian companies that moved to telework during the pandemic emergency were summarized in the domestic overview of Panda Security. According to research conducted among the managers of more than seventy small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies, 61 percent of companies were at least partially unprepared to organize IT security due to moving to telework. The responses revealed that the decision to do so was primarily decided by company managers (35 percent), IT managers (32 percent) and system administrators (12 percent).

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