The sausage Village program can be launched in Békéscsaba

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 11. 30. 10:55

The sausage Village program can be launched in Békéscsaba, after the Csaba Park Project received 1.24 billion HUF EU funding in the scope of the South Plains Regional Operational Program. The contract was announced by rural development minister Fazekas Sándor on Friday’s press conference in Békéscsaba.

Fazekas Sándor emphasized that Békéscsaba is the model settlement of craft food production in Hungary. In and around the city 150 crafted sausage makers are operating. The sector provides livelihood to more people than a large industrial plant.
Békéscsaba is the citadel of culinary traditions, the Csabai Sausage is a respected product. The related sausage festival is an international tourist attraction – Fazekas Sándor added. (MTI)

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