The submission of uniform applications for 2024 has started

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 10. 10:00

The legislation required for the submission of uniform applications has been published. Thus, between April 10, 2024 and June 10, 2024, farmers can submit their applications for 44 direct support and rural development titles.

(Photo: Pixabay)

This officially marks the start of the second year of the implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy, where farmers can submit their applications for the support titles introduced in 2023. The Hungarian Treasury’s electronic interface will open on April 10, 2024, i.e. today, and applications can be submitted without penalty until June 10 this year. Thus, about 10 days more time is available than last year to prepare and submit applications. In the 2024 unified application, producers will be able to apply for support, submit a payment request, and fulfill the obligation to provide data in connection with 44 direct support and rural development titles.

In recent months, farmers have been able to learn about the contents of the new rules resulting from the amendment of the KAP Strategic Plan and based on the experiences of the first year of the new support period from publications, professional materials and information forums. The executive decrees containing the detailed rules were published on April 9, 2024, in the 43rd issue of the Magyar Közlöny 2024, following social consultation.

The preparation of the farmers, the village farmers who help them, the consultants and other contributors took place this year as well, while the trainings and forums will continue. It is worth regularly visiting the thematic website for the description of the KAP Strategy Plan and information about its implementation. In addition, the thematic websites of the National Chamber of Agriculture and the National Food Chain Safety Office also aim to provide farmers with consistent information. In addition to these, the usual information notices related to the submission of applications will soon be available on the website of the Hungarian State Treasury.


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