We can expect such an increase in prices on the Easter ham and chocolate market

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 27. 13:27

It is not worth postponing the purchase of Easter ham, eggs and chocolates until the last minute, and it is possible that we will exceptionally choose the cheaper one instead of the quality one…

György Vámos, the Secretary General of the National Trade Association, told Pénzcentrum: there is no further acceleration visible in the growth of inflation data, so in theory it is not impossible that it will not be so rough to purchase Easter products this year.

“The most significant development of the past year is the increase in food prices. Nevertheless, we receive favorable data on inflation: based on the statistics of the last two months, we can already see that growth has started to slow down. The main driver of the increase in prices is that the industry was forced to raise its transfer prices, since the price of energy, the price of raw materials, and many other factors have increased. Looking at the data for November and December, however, it can be seen that these prices did not increase in the last month, so with this logic, in principle, the price of preparing for Easter will not necessarily be excessively high.”

– said György Vámos.

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