This is the Hungarian Christmas – we celebrate it traditionally, but sparingly

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 04. 12:54

We believe in artificial pine, and according to our own admission, overconsumption and waste are not characteristic of us at all. At Christmas, our sustainable decisions are influenced less by environmental awareness than by customs and economic factors – revealed a recent research by MediaMarkt.

We have slowly gotten used to the fact that at the end of October, Christmas decorations start to multiply everywhere. Shops, and often people as well, practically bid each other, start putting out the glittering string lights earlier and earlier every year. This year, Hungary’s largest technical department store chain was wondering how much we think about overconsumption and waste during the holidays. To what extent does the pursuit of sustainability influence our choices, or do we forget everything at this time of the year and live only for the experiences?

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