An iconic Balaton tourist spot closes

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 04. 09:54

One of the outstanding tourist attractions of Balaton, the Balatonboglár spherical lookout, closes its doors for two months at the beginning of January. According to Sonline’s report, the lookout will be closed due to maintenance work so that the building can remain in good condition.

The popularity of the spherical observatory was further increased when a canopy trail was opened in the area. Visitors can enjoy a stunning panorama from the lookout, making the place visited by many tourists every year attractive. A designated hiking boardwalk connects the spherical observatory with another structure.

According to the plans, the observatory will be closed until the beginning of January during maintenance work, and after the renovation, it is expected to be reopened to visitors at the beginning of March.

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