This is how to prepare our four-legged pets for the time spent in the office

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 14. 11:16

A few years ago, we only occasionally found offices where dogs were welcome with their owners, but today workplaces have become more and more open to the concept of a pet-friendly office.

Mars, which is considered one of the early pioneers in this field, wants to draw attention to the benefits of a dog-friendly workplace on the occasion of the American tradition of “Bring your dog to work” day, highlighting its impact on the mental health of employees.The company recently organized an interactive workshop, where it shared useful practical advice with representatives of the media in order to facilitate the integration of their pets into the office for as many owners as possible. The event was also attended by Gábor Korom, one of the best-known dog experts in the country, who revealed how we can prepare our little pet for the office environment.

Mars, one of the world’s leading candy, food and pet food manufacturers, implemented it more than ten years ago and has been promoting the dog-friendly office concept ever since. The “Bring your dog to work” day on June 21 is an excellent opportunity to deal more thoroughly with this progressive approach, which has many positive effects. Four-legged pets become more balanced, as they do not have to be without their owners during the day, for whom it is also a pleasure to have their pets near them all day. And with their presence, the workplace environment as a whole can become more cheerful and stress-free.

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