IGD: five trends will shape retail in 2019

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 03. 18. 10:16

IGD has identified five main trends that will shape retail trade in 2019. Having analysed the trends and events of 2018, they found that one of the most important trends this year will be the growing significance of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Data will be the main component of sales growth in retail trade. Data not only contributes to growth, but also helps retailers to understand shopper behaviour and to reward customer loyalty.

2. Sustainability will change the way retailers do business. In 2019 retailers and brand manufacturers will treat the problem of sustainability as a separate issue, and they will try to show that doing good things is just as important for them as making profit.

3. Stores will offer a more seamless shopping experience. Traditional shops still have the advantage that shoppers can touch the goods, buy on impulse and get what they want instantly. In 2019 more and more offline retailers will combine this advantage with offering digital experiences too. With the help of technology, they want to make it easier for customers to find the product they want and get as much information about them as possible.

4. Retailers will play a more important role in shoppers staying healthy. 85 percent of shoppers say that they are trying to improve their diet – they want to eat healthier food and feel better. In the future retailers will place greater emphasis on educating consumers about how to lead a healthy life, and they are also likely to reward shoppers for making healthier choices.

5. Shopping will be possible anywhere, anytime. In 2019 consumers won’t have to enter a webshop to make purchases, they will be able to fill their basket while watching television. //

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