Industry trends are pulling the corrugated cardboard segment along, the market could grow to nearly 250 billion dollars by 2032

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 03. 11:16

Analysts predict development in the corrugated cardboard industry in 2024 due to environmental regulations, the growing demand for sustainable materials and the boom in e-commerce. The biggest users of corrugated packaging materials are the food and beverage industry, and recycled corrugated cardboard has become predominant during the production processes. Certain global processes may affect the industry’s profitability, but according to the IMARC Group, the market can expect an annual growth rate of 2.1 percent until 2032.

According to a report by IMARC Group, one of the world’s leading strategic consulting and market research companies, the global corrugated box market size will reach US$203.7 billion in 2023. Looking to the future, he expects the market to reach 247.9 billion US dollars by 2032, which means an annual growth rate of 2.1 percent between 2024-2032. In terms of end use, the largest consumer of the corrugated cardboard market is the food and beverage industry, but a significant amount of corrugated cardboard is used for packaging by distributors of electronic goods, glassware, chemical goods, household equipment and cosmetics, and industry trends also favor the growth of corrugated cardboard trade .

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