Törley has become a Hungarikum

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 06. 17. 11:23

The Törley champagne has become a Hungarikum, so the sparkling drinks of the Törley are representing outstanding natural value officially.


Founded in 1882 by Törley József, the “sparkling wine factory” can be found still at its original site, in Budafok. In the 134-year history of the company, the high professional-quality and innovative approach have always been dominant.

The Törley name in Hungary is synonymous with champagne. As the best known and most respected Hungarian sparkling wine brand name, Törley has been always associated with quality and tradition. Törley József’s founding motto, which is still the cornerstone of the company's philosophy: “I do not wat to sell Imperfect merchandise, due to the renown”

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