Hummus Association: here are 7 compelling arguments in favor of reusable packaging

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 25. 11:59

How much water do we save by using more than one-time use packaging? After how many uses does a durable food box become more environmentally friendly compared to a disposable one? What are the good EU practices in the efficient circular system? The Humus Association has prepared a seven-point, enlightening summary of the indisputable advantages of reusable packaging.

In the midst of green information dumping, the majority is aware of the best way to protect nature from human influence. However, concerns sometimes arise regarding the sustainability of reusable packaging. Based on global experience, the Humus Association resolves doubts in seven points.

More environmentally friendly! If we use them according to their intended purpose, these packages can theoretically be used more than a hundred times. This is important for several reasons. A plastic repo cup is the 10th, a food box is the 13-15th. it reaches the break-even point during use, i.e. its use from then on has a lower environmental impact than if a new one had to be produced. The production of single-use paper, plastic or aluminum packaging results in 2-3.5 times higher carbon dioxide emissions. The new, disposable packaging requires new raw material extraction, and the possibility of reprocessing is also doubtful due to food residues.

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