Where, how, for how much? This is how we traveled this summer

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 10. 09. 11:34

Every summer has its own travel trends and popular destinations. However, in recent years, many unexpected things have affected our vacation options. In the years 2020-21, the coronavirus epidemic dragged our calculations, and the plans of the past two summers became uncertain due to the huge inflation and the unfavorable economic situation. Using Genertel Biztosító’s 2023 data, we found out what characterized this year’s main domestic season.

Our TOP 3 favorite destinations

It seems that after the closed periods of recent years, even with the general increase in prices, the desire to travel has started again. According to the HotelTechRiport article, a 20% increase in tourism has been predicted for this year in Europe, which means that the sector has reached its pre-epidemic state. According to RateGain data, between June and August of this year, most people bought flight tickets to Portugal, Spain and Italy for European destinations.

But what is the situation at home? This summer, almost half of the customers who took out travel insurance with Genertel chose Croatia as their vacation destination. It is not surprising, because Croatia has always been an evergreen destination among Hungarians, it seems that this destination has not lost its popularity.

The second place on the podium is Italy, where 16% of customers traveled this year, followed by Austria, where 6.5% spent their vacation. The popularity list continues with our Hungarian neighbors, it seems that destinations that can be easily and relatively quickly reached by car attracted a significant number of Hungarian tourists this year.

This is confirmed by the following statistics: more than 80% of customers who chose Genertel travel insurance went on vacation by car.

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