Long-lasting freshness

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 26. 10:38

Research by Procter&Gamble found that basically consumers want two things from a fabric softener: long lasting scent and freshness. Super-concentrated Lenor is an influential product in the fabric softener category.


Anita Boros, PR manager of Procter&Gamble told us that its unique FRESHLOCKTM technology is featured in all 16 exciting scents. By using Lenor consumers can keep their clothes fresh and fragrant for up to 12 hours. Due to the high concentration level of the new formula, 10ml less Lenor is enough to achieve the same effect on clothes as before. Consumer demand is growing for premium Lenor Parfumelle products too. Bálint Turóczi, Henkel’s Silan brand manager talked to us about the company’s new-generation fabric softener. Silan Soft & Oils is available in three versions, which due to the special technology and the various fragrant oils used, take extra care of clothes. Unilever has analysed fabric softener use in Hungary and found that it is much more frequent than in other countries of the region. 60 percent of Hungarians wash minimum 3 times a week and more than 90 percent of them use some kind of fabric softener. The company’s Coccolino brand has a market share above 20 percent and marketing intern Szandra Csendes told Trade magazin that Hungarians are the biggest fabric softener users in Central and Eastern Europe with 3.4 litres/person/year, with large-size products becoming more and more popular. Classic products such as the blue version of Coccolino Csobbanó are the best-selling in the Unilever portfolio. The company has developed 3 new versions of Coccolino Creations. Flyfit is the distributor of Winni’s fabric softeners, these products are concentrates just like Winni’s laundry detergents. Managing director Szilvia Madari explained that users don’t have to add water to them; it is enough to use a very small portion when washing. Refill products are very popular and last year the most popular version was 1.47-litre Winni’s refill fabric softener. Women still like to use bleach products because whitening and disinfecting remain important to them when washing. Brand manager Viktória Kürti informed Trade magazin that women like DunaPro’s Clorox bleaches because they are perfect for pre-wash, washing and washing machine cleaning purposes alike. Clorox bleaches are available in several scents and sizes: there is plain, lemon and flower field Clorox in 1-litre and 4-litre versions. High-efficiency Dylon Colour Catcher sheets – developed by Spotless but now they belong to Henkel – have an almost 80-percent market share. Anna Bellér, Henkel’s Dylon brand manager told that sales in the category have been growing by two-digit numbers for years. By using Dylon Colour Catcher sheets, clothes of various colours can be washed together, so consumers save time and energy as they have to wash less often. Dylon Extra sheets have a whitening effect, they are practical and easy to use. n

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