How to maintain IT security during summer remote work? 7+1 advice from TOPdesk IT experts

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 26. 11:34

Since the pandemic, most companies have retained the possibility of remote work in some form, and in the summer period, employees work from home, from their vacation home, or even from abroad to an even greater extent. However, little is said about the security risks involved when the company laptop becomes a mobile device. TOPdesk Hungary has now summarized how to create a balance between security and comfort when working remotely.

Cyber ​​security attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, and the risk of these attacks is increasing due to remote working.According to a 2022 cybersecurity report, more than 49% of organizations say they experienced a data breach in the two years prior to the survey – up from 39% before the pandemic.

According to the TOPdesk IT and security experts, it is worth reinforcing the basic security requirements during the summer period, since 95% of cyber security breaches can be traced back to human error. In addition, since colleagues work a lot at this time of the year away from the watchful eyes of the IT department, the responsibility for following the guidelines falls mostly on the employees.

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