HNT: surveys show a decline in wine consumption

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 10. 10. 10:59

The number of wine consumers and the amount of wine consumption have decreased significantly in Hungary in recent years – the National Council of Mountain Communities (HNT) announced to MTI on Tuesday based on its surveys.

A comparison of the 2017 and 2023 research reveals that only among the wealthiest has wine consumption not decreased, while the poorer and middle classes both buy less. At the same time, it was noted that the turnover of almost all alcoholic beverages fell, only the popularity of spirits increased slightly.

Based on the feedback, the popularity of foreign wines has increased slightly, especially among young people. The consumption rate of red wine decreased by 7 percent, the rate of rosé increased by 5 percent, as did dry and semi-dry wines, which now account for almost 50 percent of the total consumption.

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