Hello Alu! – HELL’s new campaign encourages the correct collection of aluminum cans

By: STA Date: 2022. 10. 05. 09:41

The HELL group of companies launched a special subbox collection campaign. During October, several tram stops in Budapest will be transformed into special box collection points equipped with counters for one month, thus directing attention to the beneficial properties of aluminum cans thrown away in the right place. The compressed boxes also serve a good purpose, as the company group donates bicycles to the Igazgyöngy Foundation based on the aluminum boxes thrown away.

One of the greatest sustainability challenges of our time is the recycling and recycling of packaging into the economy. In contrast to PET, aluminum beverage cans can be recycled indefinitely and without loss of quality, provided they are properly collected and handled. As a waste material, they are one of the most valuable of all packaging, and their recovery and recycling are also the easiest and most easily solved. About 75 percent of the aluminum that was ever released is still in circulation, and thanks to the efficient circulation, aluminum cans can be made from it again up to 60 days after the consumer has thrown it into the selective waste container. Among other reasons, the HELL company group voted in favor of the aluminum can, and encourages everyone – both consumers and beverage producers – to take an active role in the implementation of the circular economy.

In October, HELL supports environmentally conscious waste collection with a very spectacular public space installation

This month, three busy tram stops will be converted into collection points, the special boxes for the collection of compressed aluminum cans can be found at the Corvin-negyed, Harminckettesek tere and Király utca stops of the 4-6 tram. The special collectors that look like billboards also have a sub-box press, as we also serve sustainability by reducing the size of the emptied boxes. At the top of the installation, you can track how many sub-boxes have already been placed in the collector on an LED counter. Thanks to the creative implementation of the collection point, you can not only follow the progress of the collection with the help of the counter, but – thanks to the transparent design – a bicycle can be seen as the boxes are piled up. According to plans, the thousands of aluminum cans collected in one month will be recycled to make aluminum coils that HELL also uses in the packaging of its products, thereby closing the cycle. – HELL ENERGY Magyarország Kft. is one of the Hungarian companies where sustainability is not only a theoretical part of the corporate philosophy, but also a strategy based on it and shown in real actions. Consumers can now rightfully expect the largest market players to protect the planet with their responsible decisions and to set an example for other companies as well. We don’t want to pass the responsibility on to consumers, which is why we help them, among other things, with this campaign to get to know them: the aluminum box is valuable and, if thrown in the right place, is the easiest and fastest way to recycle packaging. – said Eszter Mihály, CSR manager of the HELL group of companies, at the event presenting the campaign. – The goal of our campaign is not only to get people used to the selective collection of sleeping bags in public spaces, but also to show that they can help with this small gesture. A recycled underframe bicycle is made from nearly 300 undercarriage boxes. It is precisely because of the raw material of the bicycle that we decided to donate bicycles to the Igazgyöngy Foundation based on discarded aluminum cans. In this way, anyone can indirectly participate in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged children, and we can collectively throw together the rolling support. It’s not enough to just talk about why recycling is important, we have to help as many people as possible experience that it makes sense. Eszter Mihály added. – We were very happy with the offer, as the bicycles are given to children who live in difficult circumstances and would probably not have the opportunity to get their own bicycle. For this very reason, the art school of the Igazgyöngy Foundation is announcing a drawing competition on the topic of sustainability for 450 needy children, and the winners of the drawing competition will receive the recycled bicycles offered by the HELL group of companies. Dorottya Marosváry, head of communications at the Igazgyöngy Foundation, announced at the press conference.

As part of HELL’s large-scale campaign, anyone can help by dropping in the aluminum cans until October 31st, thus contributing not only to the circular economy, but also to giving children living in disadvantaged situations access to bicycles. Information on the details of the campaign and the exact number of boxes collected can be found at www.helloalu.hu.

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