Plant protection and plant nutrition are on the verge of radical change

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 08. 03. 09:47

In recent years, environmental awareness has become important in almost every aspect of our lives. An increasingly large part of the population tries to use the most sustainable solutions possible in their homes and gardens. Environmental and economic sustainability in agriculture also results in radical changes in the field of plant protection and plant nutrition, according to the market-leading plant protection company, Syngenta. Biological solutions are coming, and are already here.

“Biological solutions in the classical sense go back several centuries, yet they were pushed into the background by chemical alternatives for a long time. Nowadays, their importance is growing dynamically”

– explained Kamilla Fóris-Kuti, Syngenta’s product manager.

“One of the reasons for this is that we have to protect biological diversity and at the same time reduce the environmental burden. Actors in the food chain must also adapt to these expectations. For this reason, for example, more and more buyers are imposing plant protection restrictions on producers, narrowing the range of chemical plant protection agents that can be used and, in more and more cases, limiting the amount of active ingredient residues found in products, which helps the spread of active ingredient residue-free solutions.

In agricultural production, integrated, also known as sustainable cultivation, is halfway between traditional, conventional and organic production. The essence of this is that he tries to keep the amount of the crop high so that the disruption of the ecological systems is as small as possible. To this end, it applies chemical and biological tools in a coordinated manner, and pays special attention to technological elements that help plant protection and the protection of beneficial living organisms.”

– emphasized Kamilla Fóris-Kuti.