GVH: The European Law Academy is holding an international seminar in Budapest

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 26. 10:03

The European Law Academy (ERA) holds its two-day training in Budapest together with the Economic Competition Authority (GVH); the training seminar covers the topic of investigations and raids by the competition authorities, the competition office announced.

The announcement highlighted: participants from several countries come to the program, who can learn what a competition authority raid looks like in practice, what rights the investigators have and what limitations are imposed on them by court rulings.

They added that the experts give practical advice on how to solve the most common problems during raids; in the framework of the training, a simulated raid is used to help the acquisition of knowledge.

According to the statement, László Bak, the general deputy president of the GVH, said that the success of a complex procedure lasting years can depend on even a single piece of evidence. Therefore, it is very important that all relevant parties, authorities, lawyers and businesses are aware of their rights and obligations during raids, he added.

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