Carefree consumers? Considerable differences in the middle-aged camp

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 17. 12:55

Although inflation receded, the income of middle-aged people did not increase significantly, so the proportion of those who see their financial situation as good or poor did not change significantly. According to the results of the first quarter of this year’s K&H Secure Future survey, 58 percent of 30-59 year olds consider their financial situation more positive, and 42 percent consider it poor.

The average income in the household of the respondents was HUF 499,000, which is considered a high value, but at the same time the previously seen increase stopped. With an average household income of HUF 232,000, 2 percent of middle-aged people feel that they have to go without, while the other extreme is represented by those with an average of HUF 751,000, who have no financial problems and are able to set aside regularly.

This year brought an improvement in important economic indicators affecting households. This year, annual inflation was 3.8 percent in January, 3.7 percent in February, and 3.6 percent in March, compared to the exceptionally high rates of 25.7 percent, 25.4 percent, and 25.2 percent a year earlier. So far, the significant slowdown in inflation has not brought significant changes to the financial situation of the middle-aged. According to the K&H Secure Future survey, in the first quarter of this year, 58 percent of 30-59-year-olds felt their financial situation was favorable, which does not represent a significant change compared to previous results, but at the same time slightly exceeds the average of 53 percent of the results obtained in different quarters of last year.