Grain prices down

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 11. 16. 08:00

Agricultural supply prices were up by 2,7 percent in August 2008, compared to August 2007. The average price of plant products was down by 4,6 percent, while that of livestock and animal products was up by 12,4 percent. Average grain price was down by 12,8 percent in August 2008. The price of wheat was down by 22 percent, with the price of maize also dropping by 5,7 percent. The price of potato was down by 18,8 percent, while vegetable prices rose by 10,8 percent. The price of fruits dropped by 14,9 percent in the above period. The average price of livestock was up 13,1 percent as a result of a 13,4 percent rise in the price of poultry, a 14,9 percent rise in the price of swine and a 5,9 percent rise in the price of cattle. The average price of animal products were up by 11 percent in August 2008.

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