Future Store – This year between 4 and 6 February! Visit us and participate in the guided tour!

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 01. 30. 20:12

In the store of the future we present the different elements of the latest retail trends. We introduce unmanned store solutions, equipment used by both offline and online stores, and activities that improve the shopping experience. From our partners today we are calling your attention to the innovations of Wanzl, Szintézis, Bizerba and AVAdvice.

At the Pavilion A K1 Future Store stand of the Sirha Budapest 2020 trade show approximately 25 companies will showcase their innovative products, successful devices and latest solutions in a very special way, which visitors can see in the form of a guided tour. Every day we are putting different companies in the limelight in our newsletter, sending their invitation to you here and now.

What lays the groundwork for a special shopping experience in the Future Store is a 6m demo LED wall in front of the entrance – courtesy of AVadvice. This is a high-tech device that literally stands alone in the Hungarian market. The special LED wall is ultra-light and 80% (!) transparent, offering a high definition indoor solution with great illuminative power. If placed in a shop window, passers-by can see the inside of the shop from the street and customers in the shop can see the street outside, while due to the background light a 3D effect can also be achieved with the video footages displayed on the LED wall. This solution is guaranteed to generate a wow-effect for passers-by and shoppers alike.

In the entrance zone of the Future Store visitors pass through the Wanzl eGate entrance and exit system. Information will also be available about its latest version called Galaxy Gate, which provides a solution to unmanned stores too. The innovative Wanzl Exit Gate is connected to the self-checkout desk, and it offers controlled store exit from the payment zone by using the built-in barcode scanner, which reads the barcode printed on the receipt by the cash register. If the data in the barcode correspond to the parameters set in advance, the gate opens and the shopper can exit the store. Wanzl developed the smart glove Wanzl MARK 2 for supporting the automation of work processes in logistics. This device is basically a barcode scanner mounted on a glove. By putting it on, shop workers can use both of their hands for doing other things while scanning barcodes – up to 4 seconds of time can be saved with each scan, plus the chance for making a mistake is minimised, thanks to the flash and sound alerts. A further advantage of MARK 2 is that it can quickly scan 1D and 2D barcodes from a distance.

Bizerba’s innovative solutions can also be found in the Future Store, such as PC-based scales, smart shelf and smart display equipped with the ShelfMonitor system, and the Bizerba Fraud Prevention app, which takes photos of the products placed on self-service scales. Bizerba’s innovative kiosk is a multifunctional device that shoppers can use to order fresh products from the deli counter in-store. The kiosk sends the orders to the scales of the relevant departments (deli, meat, etc.), where shop assistants prepare the order and mark it with an identification number before handing it over to the customer, by this shortening the queues at the counters. Scan&Shop is the only multi-level end control checkout system in the world: before the payment several checks are performed, based on weight, camera footage, former purchases and buying habits, and Big Data.

This year Szintézis doesn’t only bring a large selection of the latest Pricer digital shelf labels to the Future Store – which also feature a map-based location identification function – but also the innovative CashKeeper cash management system, which is already being used widely abroad. This system ensures maximum control of in-store cash turnover. In addition to increasing the level of security, the opening and closing processes can be automated by using CashKeeper, too. It is also the perfect choice from a hygiene perspective, as cashiers don’t necessarily have to touch the notes and coins, since the device can be operated in a position turned towards the customers. Szintézis will also set up its 3 different automatic checkout systems in the store of the future, including the one that opens the exit gate after the post-payment identification. What is more, the app works not only with a printed receipt but also with a mobile phone.

You can register for visiting the trade show free of charge and request a daily e-ticket by clicking on the following link (in an unlimited number until 23:59, 3 February 2020):


By clicking on the link below you can book your place in the guided tour around the Future Store:


If you want to participate in the guided tour, you need to register on both links! Visitors can go around the Future Store stand with a guided tour that departs every 30 minutes. You can register for the tour in advance on the Trade magazin website, but if the list isn’t full, you can also sign up for a tour at the Future Store. Maximum 30 people can go around the Future Store in one tour.

You can see what the SIRHA Future Store was like in 2018 by clicking on the link below:

We hope to see you in Pavilion A at the K1 Future Store stand between 4 and 6 February!

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