FruitVeB: this year’s cherry crop will be poor

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 06. 10. 11:40
Due to the spring frosts and drought, this year’s cherry harvest will be significantly lower, and the consumer price may be up to 20-30 percent higher than the average of previous years, the vice-president of the FruitVeB Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organization and Product Council told MTI.

Apáti Ferenc added that compared to the 15-16 thousand tonne harvest of good vintages, only a third of this is amount is expected this year.
The vice president said that the frosty nights experienced in the two months between mid-March and mid-May resulted in very significant flower and crop damage.

The fertilization of the remaining flowers and the attachment of the fruit beginnings were already hindered by the lack of rainfall. Yield loss is particularly high for early-maturing cultivars, with varieties maturing in the middle and late mid-June to early July showing a somewhat more favorable picture. (MTI)

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