The focus is on agricultural vocational training

By: STA Date: 2022. 10. 07. 07:00

“SzakMÁzz!” drew attention to the possibilities inherent in agriculture. The Center for Agricultural Vocational Training in Central Hungary at the Career Selection Exhibition.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The “SzakMázz!” On October 4-5, the Center for Agricultural Vocational Training in Central Hungary participated in the Career Selection Exhibition as the only participant in agricultural vocational training. The purpose of the appearance at Budapest’s largest career orientation event was to promote agricultural and food industry professions, to inform young people choosing careers about agriculture, and to promote enrollment in agricultural vocational training institutions. At the event, experience-based introductory programs were offered to the students, their parents, and the elementary school teachers who were about to choose their careers, who received complex information about the training opportunities available in the center’s 11 educational institutions. By prioritizing practical vocational training and presenting successful vocational education projects: SKILLS, Erasmus+, National Talent Workshop, the center’s instructors and students helped interested students in choosing a career and school.

During two days, the participants were introduced to the professions of the food industry, environmental protection and water affairs, as well as agriculture and forestry sectors in an experience-based, active and hands-on way: flower arranging, candy making, water testing, land surveying, planting, and saturation were among the programs. Career guidance in agriculture is of prime importance, as new generations of well-educated professionals are constantly needed in Hungarian agriculture. As continuous production and quality food supply become more and more important, agricultural vocational training is also more and more valued.