VakVarjú restaurants are running out of staff

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 04. 18. 08:45

Managing owner Rudolf Semsei has announced a weight loss competition within his group of companies, with which he tries to encourage his colleagues who live under the spell of tastier and tastier food to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The challenge also serves a charitable purpose, the melted kilos are converted into forints at the end of the competition, with which the company group gives the joy of movement to injured and disabled people SUHANJ! It supports a foundation.

Semsei,  the head of Budapest Party Service Kft. and the VakVarjú restaurant family, noticed that his colleagues were always thinking about food, even during a food exhibition in Rimini in February. As a result, he decided to launch “The Great Weight Loss 2023” company challenge to encourage his employees to focus on community experiences, sports, and healthier lifestyles for a few weeks. Nearly 60 people from the company’s restaurants, pastry shops, and other units entered the 12-week contest, which began with a weigh-in. The game can be ended at any time during the competition if participants feel that they have achieved their desired weight loss. Those who lose the most weight in percentage terms from their starting weight will receive valuable prizes.

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