Private labels step up their efforts

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 07. 04. 07:26

Lidl takes transportation into its own hands

Lidl has bought a container ship and rented another three, with the goal of managing the constant problems in the supply chain better. With this step Lidl aims to reduce delays and cut shipping costs. Lidl’s parent company Schwarz Group also owns a waste management company called Prezero, through which it controls the full packaging recycling cycle.

Refill stations in stores

Numerous European retailers are experimenting with packaging-free concepts. Albert Heijn has recently installed a special 6m wall with feeders for approximately 70 products, e.g. breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, tea and nuts. In the United Kingdom retailers such as M&S, Morrisons and Waitrose have joined the “Refill Coalition”, which seeks to fight single-use plastic packaging with products like pasta, cereal and body care items. This scheme is special because loose products can also be purchased online this way: shopper can fill their own containers when the delivery arrives.

Price war the English way

In the United Kingdom the biggest retailers have announced price cuts and private label portfolio expansion, trying to help consumers cope with the cost of living crisis. Asda is investing GBP 73m in reducing the prices of more than 100 products and GPB 45m in developing its new Asda Just Essentials range. Health and beauty retailer Superdrug froze prices for at least a year for more than 100 daily essentials in the body care, beauty and health categories. //

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