The glass is half fullHungarians are informed, but consume little liquid, according to a survey by Szentkirályi Hungary

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 18. 08:26

According to three-quarters of the respondents (77 percent), mineral waters play a role in covering the need for minerals, while only 47 percent of them pay attention to the mineral content of the products, it is indicative of consumer awareness.

According to Zsuzsanna Szűcs, president of the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians, it is not worth waiting for the feeling of thirst, the lost fluid must be replaced continuously throughout the day. “Awareness is essential so that small steps become a habit as soon as possible. “Bottles and water bottles in different sizes can help you track the liquid you consume, of which you should put a half-liter version in your bag, so you have the option of continuous hydration even on the go,” said the expert. In the heat of summer, it is even more necessary to increase fluid intake, to evenly distribute mineral water and water consumption. Nowadays, many applications developed for mobile phones or smart watches can also help you drink 8-10 glasses of liquid: by setting a reminder, you can easily reach your daily goal. According to the specialist, it is important to ensure that most of the liquid intake comes from a source that does not contain energy.

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