Zsolt Feldman: vocational training offers young people a life path

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 26. 11:00

Vocational training offers young people a life path, a constant sense of success and the possibility of continuous renewal – said Zsolt Feldman, the State Secretary responsible for agriculture and rural development of the Ministry of Agriculture (AM) on Wednesday in Budapest, at the closing event of the 16th Vocational Star Festival.

(Photo: Tibor Vermes)

In his greeting, the state secretary emphasized the importance of openness, which is needed not only by those who are about to choose a career and those studying a profession, but also by companies striving for success. Among them, the ones that can find the professionals of the future the fastest, help them at the local level, and build the professional background of the institutions that prepare them can remain competitive, he said. He added that, like all professional groups, agriculture is also developing at a rapid pace. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture to draw attention to these changes, so that those who are about to choose a career can see modern, 21st-century activities in agriculture-related work. Prepared specialists who make responsible decisions will be needed in the future as well, so all the conditions for their training must be ensured – said Zsolt Feldman.

MAGOSZ is pleased with the interest of young people

István Jakab greeted the students, their teachers and family members on behalf of the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Cooperatives and Farmers’ Cooperatives (MAGOSZ). The president of the organization also highlighted the pace of changes in technology and added: seeing the results of the professional competitions, he believes that the young Hungarians are keeping up with the challenges, are able to cope with the ever-changing competition and are open to professional innovations. Today, almost 22,000 people study in agricultural vocational training, one and a half times as many as 6 years ago, he said.

MKIK welcomed the companies present

The president of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) welcomed the fact that the event attracted the interest of the competition sector as well, since hundreds of companies contributed to its organization. László Parragh thanked the students’ families and teachers for their support, stressing that the time and energy invested in knowledge always brings success. Since 2008, MKIK has been organizing the Outstanding Student of the Profession competition and the National Professional Studies Competition, the national final of which is the Budapest Profession Star Festival, at which this year almost 200 competitors from 54 professions presented themselves. In addition to the competitions, vocational training was promoted at the Hungexpo in Budapest with spectacular, experiential programs and agricultural demonstrations.


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