In February, the economic index of GKI decreased by 3 points

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 25. 23:59

According to a survey conducted by the GKI Gazdaságkutató – with the support of the EU – in February, business expectations changed only within the margin of error, but the prospects of the population, after the exceptionally favorable data in January, deteriorated significantly. Thus, the economic index of GKI decreased by 3 points compared to January. The employment intention of the companies did not change significantly, while their price increase plans eased somewhat. The predictability of the farming environment fell to a 13-month low.

The GKI economic index – after a large 2-point increase in January – fell by 3 points in February, and thus its value essentially returned to its level at the end of last year. Within this, the mood of the business sector (GKI business confidence index) decreased within the margin of error.

In the second month of this year, a perceptible negative change occurred in industry and construction (2 and 4 points respectively), but the picture became brighter in trade and business service providers (4 and one and a half points increase, respectively). In industry, the assessment of the entire order stock reflects less satisfaction than in January, and the expected production outlook for the next three months has deteriorated somewhat, while the level of self-produced stocks has barely changed. In the construction industry, the evaluation of the order book and employment expectations also changed in a negative direction. In trade, satisfaction with the course of business in the previous three months increased, stocks decreased and the assessment of expected orders in the next three months also improved. In the service sector, the assessment of the business performance of the previous three months deteriorated noticeably, but the turnover expectation for the next three months improved significantly compared to January, while employment plans hardly changed. This is the only truly optimistic sector.

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