On February 29, the III. REL EXPO, the short food supply chain conference and exhibition

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 21. 11:00

The Short Food Supply Chain Expo and Conference will soon reopen in the main organization of the Kislépték Association and in the co-organization of the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Hungarian National Rural Network. This year, interested parties are invited to Jakabszállás on February 29. The focus of the exhibition is on the cooperation inherent in supply chains, and the development of the value chain of honey, beekeeping products and grain will play a prominent role.

In 2024, the Short Food Supply Chain Expo and Conference will open its doors for the third time in the main organization of the Kislépték Association, and in the co-organization of the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Hungarian National Rural Network. The main patron of the exhibition is Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, its patrons are Ferenc Gáspár, president of the Bács-Kiskun County of the National Chamber of Agriculture, and Rita Székely, secretary general of the Hungarian National Rural Network. The purpose of the event is to provide a meeting place for REL groups, starting with producers, through local communities, associations dealing with rural development and civil organizations, all the way to consumers, who believe that rural areas can be strengthened by localizing the value of local products and the supply chain.

This year, more than seventy exhibitors will present themselves on nine hundred square meters at the Jakabszállás Airport

The event offers a unique opportunity to the producers of handicraft products, as it features companies that produce unique and specialized tools at the handicraft level, offer domestically developed packaging materials, packaging machines and technological equipment, as well as provide services developed for small businesses.

The III. REL EXPO focused on collaborations in supply chains

In addition, honey, beekeeping products and the development of the grain value chain are given a special role, but visitors can also hear lectures on innovations in the fruit and vegetable sector. The presentation of domestic honey varieties and their role is of outstanding importance in consumer information, and it acts as an incentive for the production of high-quality producer honey. Beekeepers can learn about new tools used for packaging and selling honey. At the exhibition, it is also possible to present the grain value chain and thus the different types of mills: technologies and “farmer-miller-baker network” opportunities are focused on, where traditional and innovative grain processing and sales possibilities are presented. In parallel with the presentations, professionally guided exhibitor tours will start, where those interested can hear exhibitors’ introductions, and the possibility of personal consultation will also be provided at the stands. Since the current regulations open up new opportunities for small-scale processing and easier access to the market, the experts will also provide information on the regulation governing small-scale food production and sales, as well as information on taxation. In addition, individual consultations will also be provided on the topics of organic farming, product processing, trademarking, packaging and sales. The III. At REL EXPO, for the 7th time, the prize “AID AUTHORITY PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR” created by the Kislépték Association and supported by the National Chamber of Agriculture will be presented The award recognizes the work of government professionals who are willing to help, who support and help producers with advice in the everyday life of farming. The event is free, but registration is required.


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