This is what people order in Europe, and this in Hungary

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 06. 29. 10:49

According to a fresh survey by Shopalike, people make incredible orders now that traditional shopping is not available anymore, and everybody is locked in their own world.

Hungarian prefer to purchase dumbbells and trampolines in the firsr place, wheras in Europe, the situation is very similar:

A legkeresettebb árucikkek között megtalálhatók a súlyzók, amelyek forgalma átlag 3660.26%-kal nőtt az elkülönítés előtti időszakhoz képest. Ezt követik a fitness trambulinok, amelyek forgalma átlag 747.83%-kal nőtt. Olyan sportok,

Netherlands: dumbbells (2297%)

Finland: puzzle (6550%)

Slovakia: neck warmer (8626%)

Czech Republic: neck warmer (14850%)

Austria: barbell (12800%)

Germany: yeast (288000%)

Poland: puzzle (4400%)

Italy: disposable gloves (32200%)

Sweden: barbell (521%)

Denmark: bench press (3667%)

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