We can’t fit them in the kitchen: the IKEA survey examined Hungarians’ storage difficulties

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 13. 11:32

According to 71 percent of Hungarians, maximizing the use of space is the most important task in their kitchen, according to the IKEA Home Storage survey. Keeping the kitchen tidy is extremely important, but the lack of storage solutions makes this task difficult for many.

No more space for dishes?

The IKEA Home Storage Survey examines the organization problems people around the world face in their homes. The research revealed that most people in Hungary believe that the kitchen is the most important room to keep in order in order to feel comfortable in their home. But even though this is the most important, it is also the most difficult task – when it comes to home organization, kitchen-related storage difficulties cause the most dissatisfaction.

Perishable food, household appliances, fruit, plates and glasses: a lot of different things need to find a place, which is often difficult to do with complete success. Storing dishes, for example, is a source of annoyance for many people in Hungary. The reason for this, according to most, is the lack of usable storage space (14%), the disorganization and lack of transparency of the equipment to be stored (13%), or the difficult accessibility of the equipment to be stored (8%).

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