According to the IKEA survey, this is the biggest challenge for Hungarians at home

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 10. 11:04

We want to live in an orderly environment, but many people find it difficult to keep their home in order, mainly because there is no well-accessible, specific place for their items, according to the IKEA Storage across the Home survey. The majority of Hungarians have trouble storing kitchen utensils and clothes, and every fifth person feels that they have resigned themselves to the mess. However, the objects in front of us and the upheaval also affect our mental health.

Overall, home storage is a headache for 18 percent of people, and the most common problem is the storage of items that are not used every day, but are still essential, such as missing renovation materials, inherited furniture, and rarely used appliances.

The kitchen and the living room are key rooms in terms of orderliness, 79 percent of Hungarians see the kitchen, 65 percent the living room and the bedroom, and 48 percent the bathroom as the most important, and they consider the thoughtful storage of kitchen utensils and clothes the most important as necessary. At the same time, it is precisely these rooms that cause the most frequent headaches: most people find it difficult to keep the kitchen (52%), the living room (35%) and the bathroom (34%) in order.

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