Bonbonetti sets out to conquer Europe

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 10. 01. 00:43

Bonbonetti group CEO Sándor Sánta told our magazine that the cooperation agreement they signed with the Roshen Confectionery Corporation last spring guarantees significant investments that would make Bonbonetti more competitive and would improve product quality. At the beginning of 2013 the company started introducing Bonbonetti’s hard, soft and gummy candies to the Hungarian and the European markets – these are Roshen products bearing the Bonbonetti brand name. In the second phase they are putting four types of the Elegance premium chocolate tablet on the market this September, also under the Bonbonetti brand. About the Roshen Confectionery Corporation the CEO said that it is the world’s 15th biggest confectionery manufacturer, with more than 200 products and an annual output of 400,000 tons. Roshen is the strongest in the Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern European, Western European and Asian markets. By investing in Hungarian production facilities, Roshen creates new jobs in the country. The company never ceases to innovate: in July the Tibi Classic chocolate tablet line appeared in shops, sporting the classic Tibi design and offering even softer, creamier chocolate, thanks to the new production technology used. Early September the first Bonbonetti Sweets Shop opened in Budapest, where novelty products and sweets formerly only available abroad can also be found. Bonbonetti’s Christmas fondant candy line has been revamped, receiving a new packaging and offering new flavours. Premium Nosztalgia Christmas candies are now made in moulds with the Bonbonetti marking and don special packaging. Bonbonetti takes extra care to select only top-quality and safe ingredients for production. For many years the company has been reducing the usage of fats with high trans fatty acid content, and from this year exclusively uses vegetable fat with low trans fatty acid content. Because Bonbonetti believes that enjoyment and health can go hand in hand.


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