Sz. Variáns Kft. implements an exemplary sustainability program

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 06. 12:01

The packaging technology family business in Debrecen, Sz. Variáns, considers it important to reduce its own ecological footprint, which is why it expresses its commitment to environmental protection with its program.

It is important to take into account responsible environmental, social and corporate management aspects when planning green investments. The growing use of natural resources, climate change, upsets the balance of the living world. According to the latest statistics, there are an average of 46 plastic objects floating in every square meter of the oceans. On average, 1.6 tons of soil is formed every year, while we lose 8 tons per hectare. By 2024, we have destroyed half of the tropical forests. That is why it is not only trendy for a company to create a green program, it is also a duty, since the primary interest of both customers and suppliers is commitment to sustainability. In a green mission, many social, economic, technological and environmental aspects must be defined and managed.

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